Monday, 11 April 2011

Remind me why I am doing this again?

I have told two people that I started a blog, one yesterday, one today.
They both screwed up their faces asked "why?".
My husband Teased me for an hour about trying to be Julie Powell.
My mum won't even read my blog because apart from having more of a social life than I do, she is just frankly, way too busy.
I posted a link on FB, then took it off an hour later because I got embarrassed.

So why am I starting a blog?
Actually I don't know.
A desperation to express myself? I don't think so.
Attention perhaps? But then I would left the link on FB, so no I don't think that either.
I wonder perhaps if it has something to do with a chat I had with an old friend a few years back. I'm a creative person who has gone a long time not really creating anything. My friend suggested that not giving creativity room in my life would eventually make me miserable. I'm not sure about 'miserable', but I can say I have been struck down with envy of a few people around me that do have that opportunity.
So, I am making my own opportunity.

I'm starting a blog.


  1. well, my dear, it's a start, and, to be quite frank, a start, is where something generally begins....

  2. Never too busy for you. ;D

  3. welcome to the world of blogging!

    al. (from eagle mission)