Saturday, 20 July 2013


When I was younger, I think may be 19, I attempted to throw a dinner party and I learnt many valuable things. 
Firstly, as a Caucasian, don't serve stir fry to Asians. Not matter how good it is- it will fail in a comparison. Especially if you are new to cooking stir gets and definitely(!) if its your first stir fry. Secondly, 19 is a little to young to pull off a successful dinner party. I was trying to be much more grown up than I actually was and I don't think I pulled it off. 

Recently over coffee and tarts a friend gently broached the idea of throwing her first real dinner party- and of course, I was on board. A beautiful Thai pumpkin soup, ChimiChurried roast beef and 5, no wait, 7(!) chocolate pear ramekins later I'd say it was a smashing success. Which has left me wondering- are we finally old enough to throw dinner parties? I'm not sure I feel like a teenager anymore but as we all start turning the corner into our 30's one by one I can definitely say adulthood suits me more and more. I can also say I think I'm really starting to feel like I'm making that leap from young adult to just plain adult. Bring it on, dinner parties and all.

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