Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Hello, Hello!

Today I am very excited. I have just been handballed a website from a FB friend that I think will open up an entire new field of food experimenting!

Since I started this blog, I have been taking notice of things I usually wouldn't. For example, the above mentioned friend who not only knew a radish recipe I should try but also knew what purple carrots were! (I found some in a shop in Tasmania and took a picture to post on FB to see if anyone knew what they were) I looked at his wall and found that actually he was a bit of a cook himself. Now there is a bit more conversing between us about food and he is giving me so many ideas and challenges I never even considered! I talk food with the blokes at work too (who would have known that tradesman knew so much about the kitchen?!).
My English workmates are of the most interest to me. This week I learnt about stuffed heart and Faggots (No, not that! they are round sausage balls generally served with pea pudding and/or mashed potatoes).
I also learnt that in Middlesbrough in the Napoleonic times a French ship crashed on their shores, the only survivor being a pet monkey. The local fishermen having never seen a Frenchman (or for that matter a monkey) thought the creature a spy as he would not co-operate with questioning and hung him.
Pomes’ are full of interesting stories!
Back to the point, they are also full of great ideas for my blog and I am enjoying our lunchtime conversations immensely.

Everywhere I look there is a new idea, a new challenge and a new lesson to be learnt. Because I am constantly thinking of what to write, I am constantly noticing things to write about.
Does that make sense?

Anyway, that website? It's a butcher, actually one not far from my house.
I sped home today, showered, poured myself a glass of wine and ran upstairs to the computer eager to check it out.

They sell; Buffalo, camel, crocodile, emu, goat, kangaroo, rabbit, venison, wild boar, goose, guinea foul, partridge, pheasant, quail, spatchcock and squab, also chicken, duck and turkey! Among other things.

This is not the way I thought my blog would be going, but I am open at least.

Till next time xoxo!

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