Monday, 13 June 2011

Glamour Markets and Alexanders Macaroons

 Recently I have discovered that Perth is not as market dry as I once thought and on one of these discoveries I found the Clontarf Saturday Markets. Now when I think 'markets' I think of one word......'homemade'. Trinkets, toys and Riff-Raf.
These markets do not fall under this category.
They are really mostly larger shops, bakers, farms all pitching a tent on a beautiful space of land (and history) to sell you their most popular produce.
It is actually pretty small as well.
however it is still worth the trip down there for breakfast one Saturday morning.

This Saturday just pasted, my husband and I headed down for some breakfast and a few vege's. the breakfast and coffee vans were in full swing by eight thirty and we feasted on crepes and bacon/egg rolls, then promising each other to return for a bratwurst with sauerkraut sometime soon.

To be honest there is more than just a good breakfast that draws my to these markets now and this time we invited my mother to come down and join us for some of Alexanders Macaroons!

I have long been put off the idea of macaroons and for major reason.

They are brightly coloured.

Yep, thats it! thats my enitre reason. To me, brightly coloured remindes me of iceing. You know that icing they put on childrens cakes and cupcakes too? I have never liked the stuff and to look at these pink and purple little treats look up at me with suck an intense rainbow effect, I never had a problem walking on past....never.....until I worked up the guts to try Alexander's Macaroons.

As a woman, I would first like to apologize to my own kind for what I am about to say, I relaize the trouble this may cause. But......

"I was wrong"

Waaaaay wrong. They are not too sweet and they are light and fluffy and chewy and incredibly delectible! I also know know that if you eat these things, you are likely to melt into a rather large wet patch on the grass beneath you. They even have one that tasted just like a lemon Tart! They are devine! This of course leads me to the next problem....learning o make them!

However, Ill leave tht for another blog entry.

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  1. Love your blog Shem. You might have your work cut out trying to get posting again for a while though. ;)