Monday, 11 July 2011

I haven't forgotten

Things have changed dearest readers.

Too many times I have embarked on ideas that go no where, that get forgotten or pushed to the end of my endless 'to-do' list. This, is not one of those things, at least not yet ;)
I know it's been awhile, but I have forgotten. In fact tomorrow I will enlist the help of my fellow cake-loving friend Kate to make a little something that I hope will make up for my absence.
And, whilst I can't go into to many details as to 'why' my absence, I can say this......

I quit my job!

I loved being a painter, truly I did, but it's time to move on. I think I need to do something a little more......creative.

What? well, I don't know that just yet. It's not like I'm without options, (or, never out of those! Heck, every morning I wake up I have a new one of those little suckers) it's just figuring out the next move.

So, raise your glasses ladies and gentlemen, "Here's to the future!".

(See you in the next couple of days with a full run down of tomorrows little experiement too!)



  1. whoohoo!!! Celebrating with you, so excited to see what's in your future!!! Love your blogs :-)

  2. Hi Shemma....this is Ginny (i worked w/ Teejay in Fiji)....I LOVE your blog!!! I've just read the entire thing and i think you are soo creative, i love your photos and your writing. I'm jealous in a good way...i wish i could articulate like you do, but am so grateful that you're sharing it with the world. Blessings and i'll keep coming back!