Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My first radish.

2 days ago I ate my very first radish.
I’ve started following another blog that my girlfriend put me onto recently and this blogger recommended a radish-dish matched with some very appealing photos of gleaming red radishes. Longingly admiring her photography skills it suddenly occurred to me that I have never eaten a radish!  My lovely husband picked me up from work that day and needless to say he was shocked at my lack of radish experience and insisted that we drive past the our local garden market and cook this recommended radish-dish.
My husband is a very interesting fellow. He swears hands down that he can not, in any shape or form, read a recipe or cook. I will stand beside him on his claim that he has never actually picked up a recipe and read it through, (its 100% true, I promise) however the inability so cook is not so firm in its truthfulness. I often flick through fancy French cookbooks or trendy overly photographed recipes out of magazines and follow them step by step to try and imitate cooking genius. My husband however will come in towards the end of the cooking process and enquire as to what I am making, taste it and suggest that it needs soy sauce or fresh basil or worse, something completely random that I would never have conceived of adding to the dish. “You want to add what to the cabbage?? Yuck babe, yuck!” but for some odd reason, he’s almost always smack on the mark. He can improve almost anything. Did I mention he is a wielder by trade?  
I cook by direction. My husband cooks by taste.
I followed the recipe. I soaked the radishes and prepared them. I melted the butter in chicken stock and put the little red gems on to simmer. Then I popped upstairs to have a shower whilst my beloved kept and eye on the bubbling experiment.
After I returned a different woman I realized the radishes were very different too. They were white! And the sauce had thickened into an oozing pink glue that actually tasted amazing! Oh to have that drizzled over a hot roasted chicken!
My husband swears he didn’t change the recipe.
I don’t really believe him.

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