Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bircher baby

Bircher Muesli. It has become the breakfast of the moment in this house. Yogurt and homemade blueberry mash for princess squirmy and yogurt and honey baked nuts for mum. 

I'm not at my best first thing in the morning, I'm not one of those fabulous 'morning hens' (as my mother calls them). You know those annoying people who at the first glint of sunshine leap out bed full of excitement and gusto and are complete fumbling zombies by 9 pm. I on the other hand emerge looking somewhat like ogre who has just had a lobotomy around 9 am and then somewhere around 11 pm decide its the perfect time to bake something or reorganize the office. 
Therefore rolling out of bed and blindly stumbling into the kitchen first thing in the morning, I really need there to be something very easy- I don't want to have to think and I certainly don't want to have to come up with two different breakfasts. But DO want to like what goes into my mouth and Bircher is an easy fix to my problems. 

The great thing about Bircher is you can be as lazy or creative as you feel or more honestly as time allows. 

You start with 1 cup of rolled oats (or quick oats) 1 cup of milk (or yogurt) 1/2 cup of juice (I use fresh orange juice) and you just build up from there. 
Grated apple, a pinch of cinnamon and some chia seeds for example. 
LSA (linseed, sesame and almond mix) is great too. Chopped sultanas or pumpkin seeds perhaps. What ever you do, you throw it all in a tub, soak it over night and its there ready for you in the morning. 

Fresh berries, nuts and/or honey are great on some extra yogurt on top if you are feeling up to it and you're done. 
Breakfast worthy for both mum and bub sorted.

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