Saturday, 9 April 2011


i am not a cook.

a day before i leave for a month in Tasmania, this was my FB staus:
"Would u believe I got up and cooked this morning?! 7am and the onion hits the pan with an exploding sizzle. U'd think after 200 skewers yesterday I'd have had enough but nooo. The smell of spices 5 seconds after it hits the pan, I'm in heaven."

i am a painter, a tradesman (well, trades-woman),
not a cook.

However, i do cook.

Two days before I left for my trip to Tasmania, I made an impressive 200+ chicken skewers at home in my kitchen and I thought to myself, "you should do this girl. You should should make finger food and sell it. You should start a catering business!" I laughed at myself and replied, "what a crazy idea! don't be ridiculous! You know a fair amount, but you don't know enough!" To which i suggested, "You could learn! You could start a blog and blog about learning!".
I smiled and patted myself on the head like a young child and moved away from the conversation to more realistic, grown up things, believing this would all just fall away like so many of my crazy thoughts and ideas. 

A month in Tasmania did me no good.

i am not a cook.

But who knows what the future could hold........

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