Saturday, 28 April 2012

Breaking the silence

Im going to tell you a secret, a secret that is going to change this blog at least for a little while longer. A secret that has lead me to quit my job, avoid my kitchen and despise even the thought of cooking toast.
I’m all knocked up.
Im also all spewy and bawled up on the couch watching day time tv.
Its great news really and im very excited. My husband and I have been just a twosome for almost five years, now we will be three. The downside is that it looks like I will be out of the kitchen for a few months till the morning sickeness clams down. Till then we are living off pre-made meals and banana sandwhiches. Thankfully there are some really great little shops and deli’s around our current dwelling that make some half decent premade meals for the husband and as for me, I’m living off what ever will stay down.
We found out about the same time we were looking for a new rental which was a rather intense journey in itself. Did you know that looking for a rental property in Perth is fast becoming like trying to win the lottery? It’s insane. Most houses we looked at we were competeing with around 25+ other couples per property. One property we viewed shuffled through over 100 people in less than 15 minutes. On top of that people bid on the rental price to up their chances. I began to fear we end up in one of those cockroach ridden super-flat-stacks. Id rather live in a tent in the bush. Despite the stress we did end up with a very clean little house near the river…cant complain about that.
So we have been a little distracted by life the last few months. Added to that I have been starring at this blog wondering how on earth I am meant to write about the one thing I am struggling with the most?....Food. I can’t cook, I can’t eat out, I can barely eat in for Pete’s sake. Why I cant even sit and watch a tv show about food. Even the thought of food is nauseating. So how do I write about it? Truth is I just haven’t been able to hence the long scilence.
Things are improving now though thank goodness, oh there is still a long list of foods I must avoid, chicken being at the top, and cooking is about the last thing I desire to do. but may be there is hope. At the very least, when this baby comes out, it will be like releasing a monster….a big, hungry, mummy, monster cook. I think the first thing I’ll do is bake a big apple pie and then may be a red velvet cake, then….the world my friends….the world will be oyster once again.

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