Monday, 9 January 2012

Discovering the Summer Roast

I realise that it is summer and that roast dinners really have their moment in the spotlight during winter, but every now and then a situation calls for more than a simple salad. The last six months have been a real adventure of uncertainty and in the short time Teej and I have been camping out at our friend’s house the three of us have shared both the good and bad parts of that journey. The one thing we really hadn’t shared much of though was food.

A decent meal.

This is surprising considering Hazel (the friend in question) and I head the kitchen at our church. That’s more than 60% of our relationship right there. Despite the different ages and the diversity of our individual cooking histories, we make a stellar team. If I were to ever open a restaurant, there is no one I would rather partner with to do so.

Thank God for Hazel who this month decided to finally end that lack of communal feasting.

Inviting around some Kiwi mates we all partook in a summer roast meal or perhaps I should say a summer banquet. Frankly put, the woman knows how to entertain guests.

 I have a lot to learn from her.

Starting with dips, then onto to prawns, we began to feel like royalty moving from course to course. The star attraction being a summer roast platter served with a light gravy and lime chutney.

As I watched the boy’s reposition themselves from the dining room table to the lounge room floor groaning with over satisfied stomachs, I re-pondered the place of the traditional roast in the different seasons. It appears I have really been limiting the roast all these years. Unconsciously confining it in one room of the house and not really discovering its full potential. Of course, winter will always be its time to shine, but I can tell you I am truly looking forward to a year long friendship with the roast dinner.

Thanks for everything Hazel <3

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