Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A new job title......

My Mother is an incredible woman. Actually she is my hero a wee bit. She was reasonably young for a modern day mum when she became pregnant with me. Yet despite the circumstances being far from convenient ones, she chose to not only to continue with the pregnancy but to raise me as well. That’s a big decision for a young woman to make. I respect her for that alone, but I do respect her for much more too. She was a good mum. She was honest and open yet able to bring correction well, she let me be my own person and took the time to learn who that was every time I decided to change. She taught me many things like how to dance to the radio and how to hypnotize a garden lizard by stroking its belly. She also taught me how to make healthy meals on a shoe-string budget and sparked my passion for beautiful homes and decorations.
I say all this because what I need to clarify that she was(is) actually a very good mother.
I say all this because what I am about to say next may have alone painted her as something else.
She’s a lousy housewife.
My Step-father once bought her a copy of Mrs. Beeton’s book on Household management, I still haven’t figured out whether it was a joke or he actually wanted her to get inspired….probably a little of both.
Okay, okay, ‘lousy’ might be a bit harsh, but household management certainly isn’t her strong point. However, to be fair, it’s a trait I too have taken on. My house does have the deception of being cleaner and more organized than hers, but for one reason and one reason only……I have less stuff.
 I’m catching up fast.
There have been so many changes these last few months; it’s been hard to keep up with it all.
I am no longer working and earning which firstly leaves me with more time but less money. And where the general running of the house has been a shared responsibility, the cleaning now falls to me, as does the paperwork, bill paying, emailing, errand running and while, ‘of course still the cooking’, it’s now on a much stricter budget which means more function less creativity in the kitchen.
Oh what will I ever do?? This is potentially a disaster waiting to happen.
 Everything is changing.
I am now in the training process of becoming a mother and household manager.
Pray for me.

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  1. Hey, can you teach me how to hypnotize a garden lizard??

    Love your blogs!!

    Will pray for you also!!