Monday, 4 February 2013

lilac wine and a new season

So there is this moment, a significant moment that happens once a year. Every year. It happens when you are doing something trivial like hanging out the washing or retrieving the mail or, like in this instance, driving.

A few days before I officially became a mum I was out doing an errand run and admiring the Jacaranda tree's. Having recently burst into in full bloom, the suburban streets were wearing the brilliant lilac like a jewel necklace. I wound down my window and let the warm breeze surge into the car as I sped along. I even remember the song on the radio - ('Nueclar season' by Charli XCX) I hadn't heard the song before but it got me bopping along whilst enjoying the warm air flood in and defrost my skin. Then, just like that, there it was. 'That' moment. The moment when you realise that winter had stepped out the door and summer had arrived with a gusto!  
(I must note, in Perth we really only have two seasons; summer and winter. Spring and autumn kind of disappear in the sharp season changes)

The new season was here and I can tell you I was very VERY ready for a new season.

New song, new bloom, new season, new adventures.

So obviously that was a while ago. Its February now. My little Baby is now just over 4 months old. (4 months! where did that go??) It has been a wonderful 4 months though. My husband is wonderful and works like a horse in the 40+ degrees so that I can stay home and play mum to this wonderful little girl. Yep, girl. Her name is Eden. She was 4.2 pounds and 52cm long. That's right, big and healthy despite my sickness in the pregnancy (It lasted right up until I gave birth!)
And she is wonderful. she smiles and makes a beautiful satisfied 'ahhhh' noise when shes finishing a feed. She giggles when I drum on her full belly and she sings along when she hears music. She loves snuggles and quite to my surprise, so do I. Though this new season isn't always easy, it is definitely a real delight. There is so much I want to do, to cook, to achieve and though I feel bound within strict limits, there is so much here to explore that I don't think boredom or cabin fever is likely. At least not yet.

Its true I do have a lot of 'new' to get used to. There has been (as expected) a lot of change, and the one thing I've realised is that the old ways are not working in this new season. For starters, I've all but shelved my camera. Instagram will have to do for now (have you ever tried to hold a wriggly baby and take a photo? It's nuts!) Cooking of course has taken a whole new route. Enough time for a shower is a rare gift, so quick easy meals it is. My husband has also joined a gym in a new effort to loose weight and get fit (amazing how becoming a dad can motivate you) so there is a weight loss diet to get my head around (not as easy as I thought....what the heck is a kilojoule anyway? - plus I have to hide my chocolate and eat cake in secret!) Baby Eden is slowly starting on solids (I know nothing about baby food!)

Despite all the change, slowly slowly, I am getting the hang of things around here. I am also the proud owner of a new Thermomix, which is going to help more than a lot....that and my husband was given a Webber for his birthday (woohoo! man-kitchen!) Once a week I still try and wrangle myself a few extra minutes in the kitchen to 'play' a little longer on making dinner. I read recipe books in the toilet. I plan dinner parties in my head. I watch TV chefs whilst breastfeeding. And I eat cake at EVERY opportunity.
Nope, the plot might have taken a sharp turn, but this story is definitely not over.

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