Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I’m aware. It’s been a while since my last published blog entry. I say ‘published’ because I wrote many times. At least I tried to write many times. I have twenty or so half written blog entries saved on my hard drive, mostly the same words, just in different order. I don’t think it was writers block or a lack of desire to cook. I think mainly it was the lack of camera and the lack of time. I can’t seem to get my head around writing a blog about food and not being able to show you what I am doing at the same time. I guess that’s part of being a very visual person.
It’s been an interesting few months. 
A few weeks after I returned from my trip to the states, I attempted to call my Oma (Grandma) several times before finally trying my Father on an old number (He lives up north so my contact with him is very limited). Turns out she had been in hospital for almost a month.  I have to thank God that I was not working because it meant that over the next two months I was able to sit with my Oma as much as I wanted, as much as she needed, as much as I needed.
 I really cherish that time. We talked about so much, her life, my life, everything we’d missed (I didn’t grow up around this side of the family, hence the odd distance in relationship between my father and I). Most of all though, we talked about food.
When she passed away she organised with my father to pass all her recipe books to me. Then that was that. It’s very hard for me to write about this. As time has passed I have found it harder and harder to not have her around. I feel like I’ve lost more than I can explain.
So much has happened since that but it all seems a little insignificant. We moved out of our inner-city town house, put all our stuff in storage and rented a room in a house in suburbia. My car broke down and my sister lent me her car as a long lender till I can afford another. My husband took out a loan, quit his job, and did a bit of training and heading back to the welding industry. He is currently driving one hundred kilometres a day for to new job.
Most recently, I got a job cooking in a newly opened cafe. No qualifications to cook, just experience and a blog. Yep, in this rather downward slanted blog entry, we finally have something to lift it up again. The owners read this blog and consequently I had the strangest interview for a job I’ve ever had;
“So, do you want to work for us?”
My Oma would be so proud.
So in everything that has been happening, I am sad to have lost my Oma and I know it looks like not everything is moving up and forward, but it all just feels like change.
Honestly, that’s kind of exciting.
It’s a refreshing word....”Change”

.........Oh, I didn’t mention, my Christmas present this year was a fixed camera! J

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  1. I would have LOVED to chat to your grandma. Im sure we would have laughed as much as i do with you my new friend. You make the kitchen sing! (and move like Jagger) SORRY!!!! XX