Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cake Monster

That's me by the way. I have now become a.... no wait, the Cake Monster, and yesterday, the Cake Monster had a very cakey-day. Do you remember that cake shop I spoke about? the one open only for non-working housewives.....well, I made it! Though only just, I was 20 minutes late to meet my girlfriend, Zoie there (thank God for patient friends) and didn't have much time to sit back and 'chillax'. We ordered our cake after waiting in a fairly long line (proof this place is popular) and somehow, also managed to grab a table by the window. Did I mention the shop's name at all? It's 'Sherbet'. Those of you in Perth, go check it out, it's in Maylands and is well worth the trip.

We ordered two slices of cake, one a choc-raspberry and the other, a Delicious layered red velvet cake, devine to look at, even better to dive into. Armed with cake forks and a feisty appetite, we did our utmost to conquer what was set before us, but alas, we were beaten three quarters of the way in. Defeated, we sat back shaking our heads at one another, these cakes were good, too good, the were down right dangerous, (Thank God also for doggy bags).  Whilst Zoie went out on a hunt for the little ladies room, I sparked up a conversation with a woman sitting next to us who was halfway through a Turkish orange cake, (will have to try that one next trip!). We spoke about the food culture that is growing (finally) in Perth, of our favorite cake recipes and she even gave me a few welcome tips on photographing my cakes too (Thank God for random strangers who are willing to chat). As if the doggy bags were not enough, I grabbed a cupcake on the way out. Three hours later I was well glad I did.

You know what really makes me a....sorry, the Cake Monster? The fact that after all this (unfinishable) cake, I drove down to another girlfriends house to watch her make cake. Actually I was buying the cake off her. She has started a little hobby business, just making a few cakes here and there. Both her and 'Sherbets' cakes have that wonderful homemade taste, not plasticy, full of preservatives and overly fluffy, but rich, dense and fresh. Truly I recommend them both. I will also be going back to them both and quite soon because........CAKE MONSTER IS 'UNGRY!! 

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