Monday, 8 August 2011

New Blog: Recipe Scrapbook

Well that's it folks, I've had enough of this blog and I'm starting a new one!

Okay, okay, That's not really true, actually I love this blog, but I am starting a new one. A side one. Crazy full of recipes! I have noted that finding my favorite recipes via blog entries is actually quite hard. So, to save you the search time I've started a recipe scrapbook that I will be uploading all my favorite recipes onto. That way if you want to just look at the recipes, you can!

Also because (major disaster!!) my camera is broken(!!!), I think it will be the perfect time to put this idea into play. Just hope it will actually work :) The first recipes I will be uploading are to ones I promised long ago on the 'Babies, Bumps, Breasts and Baguettes' blog entry. So look out for the link which I will put up over the next week.

(Meanwhile, I'll work on getting my camera fixed and a new cooking based blog entry for you.)

Till then folks..........

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