Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Dream Kitchen......

You know those girls who always dreamt of their wedding day, yeah, you know the ones, the ones that have those scrapbooks under their bed; full of dresses, hairstyles old chapels, garden marque's and floral arrangements.

Well, I had a kitchen scrapbook.....uh, 'have'.

I found it the other day tucked safely behind a wardrobe in the spare bedroom. Flicking through it brought home all my 'childhood' dreams of a one day getting the 'rustic-french-modern-American-chic-country-industrial-bohemian-medieval-style' kitchen that I had always dreamed of.....(lets hope I can have a few different shots at this or that is going to be one confusing cooking space)

Inspired, I thought whilst I can't put my crummy old scrapbook onto the blog, (yet) I could go hunting for some new picture's and start the 'on-line leg' of my scrapbook dreams.....


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